Life is a curious thing. Each of us has a completely different adventure, yet we all face similar challenges, experience wonders, and are given amazing blessings, even if we don't recognize them. My life has certainly been action-packed. A lot of it good, much of it bad, but I've learned valuable life lessons along the way and managed to become one of the happiest people I know. I'll be sharing my thoughts and stories, and things I know and believe. I encourage you to leave comments so we can all learn from each other! Happy reading!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Wish

Like most people, I tend to spend New Year's Day in quiet reflection, thinking about the year that was and the one that will be, wondering if it will go a bit better, a bit easier this time around. 2011 was a very long, difficult, and trying year for us, peppered with blessings. I know it was a particularly difficult year for many of my friends as well, even with the good things sprinkled in. So I've been thinking a lot about what I hope for myself and my daughter, and those we care for, and decided to let you all know what I hope for each of you and those you love.

May your travels be safe, and you always find yourself at home.
If you find yourself lonely, may you never be alone.
May your thoughts all be positive and your hopes soar high.
May you hold tightly to your dreams and never let them die.
May your tears be those of joy and all your smiles reach your eyes.
If you find yourself in sadness, may you have a shoulder for your cries.
May your heart always be open and you find love overflowing.
If you find yourself stuck, may you then find yourself growing.
May you learn from your missteps and celebrate your achievements.
And may you find strength in the face of devastation or bereavement.
If you become lost, may you always be guided.
May your family be strong, and never be divided.
If you find yourself in doubt, hopeless, or confused,
May exactly what you need come to you, may you never be refused.
May you have a lightness in your step and a song in your heart.
And may you hold on to those you love, even though you are apart.
Be inspired. Be loved. And most of all, be happy.
Happy New Year.