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Monday, August 12, 2013

Come on, Mama, Move into the 21st Century!

Ok. I'm finally doing it. This technologically ignorant 40-year-old mama is finally moving into the 21st century.


I admit that while I have many strong suits, anything remotely connected to technology just isn't one of them. I don't have a smart phone. It's a cheap, pre-paid little number that I don't even know how to enter the contacts in. I really just use it in case I break down while driving and to keep track of my kiddo when she's out. And honestly, most of the time I leave the house, I forget to bring it with me. Wanna know a secret? I hate texting. I'd rather just talk to you. Same with when I need customer service for something. I don't want to email some unknown person in the ethosphere, I want to talk to a real person. Even if they have an accent I can't understand.

I got a new TV two years ago, and I still don't know how to turn it off without hitting multiple buttons a bunch of times. So I usually just leave it on. I still have an old-fashioned answering machine, and I never have used the fax machine on my printer because I have no clue how to hook it up. When I was gifted an iPad last year, it took ages for me to figure out how to do even basic tasks on it. Except the games. That I figured out okay. But when I have to switch between the laptop and iPad for research and writing, I still catch myself poking my laptop screen, confused as to why it isn't working. Yeah, I know. I'm an idiot.

And that brings me to my recent move forward. In preparation for the upcoming release of my first novel and the Kickstarter campaign I'll be launching in a few weeks, I've had to re-evaluate my presence in the social media world. While I've actually had a Facebook account for a number of years, created back when most people still used MySpace, I still have less than 70 friends on my list. I also started my blog a couple of years ago, but didn't get too active on it. So now, I'm blogging more, and trying to increase my presence elsewhere.

And so, I created a Tumblr blog. I'm stumbling around the site like and elephant in wedges, but at least it's up and running. And I'm hoping it will improve over time. I'm also attempting to create a Facebook Author page, a Facebook Kickstarter page, and a Pinterest account. Next is Twitter, but that one makes my heart pound a little. I opened my account there years ago, and think I have one tweet. I tried to tweet a few times, but couldn't get it to post. Seriously, sometimes I feel like my 90 year old grandma trying out how to work the DVR box. It's embarrassing.

Lucky for me though, I have a teenager. So if I can pin her down long enough, perhaps I can coax her into helping me figure it out. If not, I'll keep plodding through on my own, grumbling and cursing under my breath. Eventually I'll get it. But at least I'm trying.

And my Kickstarter campaign is looking quite awesome, if I do say so myself. I'm even preparing to tape an introductory video. Fortunately, several people have offered to help with that, so I don't have to worry about figuring out how to work the camera. Thank God for small favors. Now, if I can just figure out how to use this Cloud thingy everyone's been talking about...

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